Back Surgery

A back surgery is a surgical procedure that replaces a vertebra with a graft material. The graft is placed on the side of the vertebra, and screws are used to attach the graft to the side of the spine. The patient may need conservative treatment to relieve pain before having surgery. In some cases, back surgeries are required. This article discusses the options and the risks of having back surgery. Further, it details how to find the right back surgeon.

A back surgery is a procedure to repair or fuse the vertebrae in the back. The operation involves laying on the stomach for a few hours. A general anesthetic is given, and the patient is placed under a general anesthetic. The spinal cord is repaired after the procedure. Patients should avoid bending over, because the surgical procedure is painful. If this is not possible, a surgical procedure will be necessary.

In some cases, a back surgery is not necessary. If the patient is healthy and has no symptoms, the surgery can be performed without anesthesia. It can also be done on an outpatient basis. The surgery may be performed at an outpatient facility. It is possible for the patient to drive after four to six weeks. However, the patient should limit intense physical activity during the first month. The recovery process may take years. The procedure is usually performed under anesthesia.