Factors That May Lead to More Back Pain

Back pain, more commonly called backache, is felt in the back area. The back consists of three regions namely spine, ribs and pelvis that support and give support to upper and lower body weight. The back consists of five lumbar vertebrae, twelve cervical vertebrae, and eight thoracic vertebrae that support and give support to the weight of upper body and provide stability.

There are several back pain factors that can lead to a person’s backache. These include muscle strain, injury, dysfunction of spine, aging, obesity, posture, standing, and sleeping. There are certain risk factors that may not be immediately evident and are nevertheless important and may lead to an increased chances for developing back pain. Among these are:

The above are just some of the many possible causes of back pain. In addition, there are many other factors like the types of shoes you are wearing, the activities you are doing at work, your age, genetic factors, and your gender that may lead to an increased chances of developing back pain. It is therefore essential that you visit your doctor regularly for evaluation and appropriate treatment so that you can avoid having to suffer with back pain. Your doctor would be able to identify the causes of your back pain and help you choose the treatment regimen that will best suit your needs.