Low Back Pain Caused by Muscles Or Structural Problems

Back pain is among the most frequent reasons people miss work or visit the doctor, and it’s a leading cause of missed days at work. Unfortunately, back pain is such a broad spectrum that it can happen to anyone at any age, but it almost always occurs as a result of poor posture or in certain situations (i.e. sitting down at a desk for long periods, etc. ).

Luckily, for the most part, back pain may be easily treated if it’s caused by a pulled muscle or strained tendons. But if your back pain has recently been severe or lasted for more than a couple of days, seek help from a doctor. Back pain may be caused by an injury, or by overusing muscles, poor lifting technique, or by repetitive motions that aggravate a particular muscle. In some cases, back pain may be the symptom of a more serious condition like a slipped disk, arthritis, or spinal stenosis. If left untreated, back pain may lead to chronic pain and disability.

Prevention is better than cure. Proper exercise techniques, stretching routines, low back pain prevention and weight loss, if done correctly, can almost always help to ease back pain caused by a pulled muscle or strained tendons. If prevention doesn’t help, or if your back pain seems to be getting worse, you should consult a physician. Treatment may include physical therapy, prescription medications, or surgery to correct underlying spinal problems.