Back Care – A Charity That Works to Reduce the Burden of Back Pain

If you have a problem with your back, you may want to find a charity that focuses on back care. The British medical research charity BackCare was founded in 1968 as the National Pain Association. The organisation provides information on back care, promotes good practice, and funds research to improve the management of back problems. The site offers information on back problems, including treatment, exercises, and stretches. The charity is also a good resource for finding the best practitioner for your particular condition.

The etiology of back pain varies greatly by patient. For example, lumbago is the most common cause of back pain, but it does not necessarily mean that a person is suffering from a spinal sprain or a slipped disc. Often, the pain is a result of improper posture or an injury to the spinal cord. In either case, the patient must seek medical attention. As a result, back care programs vary from one person to another.

BackCare is a registered charity that works to reduce the burden of back pain. It funds research and promotes good practice to reduce the costs of healthcare. It also acts as a hub between patients, health professionals, and employers to prevent and treat back pain. By understanding how the back functions, a primary care provider can help patients prevent unnecessary procedures and opioid prescriptions. It also can help minimize the use of surgical procedures and other treatments that are not necessary.